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Three Beauty Uses for Vaseline

Vaseline for beauty

Vaseline (also known by its chemical properties name, petroleum jelly) is an essential item in any make up bag or purse, thanks to its wealth of uses. Here are three ways you can use Vaseline to enhance your complexion and appearance, without spending a fortune: 1. Eyelash Softener Apply a light amount of Vaseline to your eyelashes every night before you go to bed, using a clean mascara wand if preferred. Leave on overnight (don’t apply so much that it comes off on to your pillow; just […]

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All About Mineral Make Up

mineral makeup

Make up is, like most fashion and beauty products, a constantly changing world where new trends come in every few months. One of the biggest hits of recent years, and darling of beauty editors and make up artists the world over, is mineral make up. Mineral make up is exactly what it says on the tin; make up that is produced from minerals, thus making it more ‘natural’. The benefits of such make up are said to be wide ranging, including (but not limited to) better coverage, […]

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How To ‘Balance’ Make Up To Create A Flawless Look

balanced look

Although there is no right and wrong way to apply make up in the strictest sense, there are certain ‘rules’ that most make up artists follow to create that picture perfect look. If you are looking to create a similar look of flawless beauty at home, you don’t need to have intense make up training to do it; just some common sense, and a helping hand on the tricks of the trade. One thing that all make up artists understand is the need to ‘balance’ make up […]

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How To Avoid Make Up Disasters

makeup disasters

Most of us have probably seen our fair share of make up disasters, and it’s never pretty. The usual suspects tend to be involved in creating such an unpleasant look: tide marks of foundation, over-applied blusher that makes the wearer look uncomfortably hot no matter what the weather outside is doing, lipstick that misses the edge of the lips and, of course, the dreaded ‘panda eyes’ of mascara and eyeliner. When it comes to wearing and using make up, there is an eternal truism of the beauty […]

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Long Life Make Up: Longevity Make Up Explored

long life makeup

Due to the nature of make up – essentially, chemical compounds being applied to the skin and expected to stay there no matter the weather or situation of the wearer – it is somewhat inevitable that everyone has the occasional make up disaster. We’ve all taken a sip from a glass and left a ring of lipstick on the rim, or realised our carefully applied mascara is no longer on our eyelashes but instead sliding down our face. It’s not a crime to get it wrong sometimes. […]

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Three Essential Make Up Tips: Blusher


Blusher is the make up product that allows you to recreate a healthy, natural glow all-year round, and is the perfect finishing touch to any well made up face. Here, we give three helpful hints that will allow you to create a perfectly well done face using blusher: Tip One: Smile and Apply Knowing where to apply blusher on the face is an essential, and incorrectly applied blusher is one of the most common mistakes. This is all the more surprising when one considers that getting it […]

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Three Essential Make Up Tips: Eyeliner


Whether you’re looking to create an enhanced, theatrical Cleopatra-style look, or just something more simple for daytime wear, eyeliner is one of the beauty staples. Here’s a quick guide to getting the most out of this essential product. Tip One: Liquid or Pencil Most make up brands manufacturer eyeliner in two different genres; liquid or pencil. It’s worth having one of each, in a trusty black colour, in your make up kit. The type of look you are going for influences which of the two types of […]

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Three Essential Make Up Tips: Mascara


Mascara allows you to darken and extend your eyelashes to true movie starlet glamour, and forms the central piece of many women’s make up bags. Get the most from this essential bit of make up kit with these three essential mascara tips. Tip One: Apply Mascara In A ‘Zig Zag’ Movement Rather than simply sweeping your mascara brush from the roots of your eyelashes to the tip in one downward (or upward) motion, agitate the brush back and forth in a ‘zig zag’ motion. This motion helps […]

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Three Essential Make Up Tips: Eye Shadow

Eye Shadow Tips

Eye shadow is the cornerstone of good make up application. After all, who doesn’t want bigger, more beautiful eyes that sparkle with complimentary shadow? Here’s three essential tips for eye shadow application. Tip One: Use Different Shades One block of solid colour on your eyelids is not going to be flattering, so use at least two different shades to achieve the look. As an overall guidance, use the lightest shade at the front of the eyelid close to the lashes, and then darken the colour as you […]

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Three Essential Make Up Tips: Lipstick

Lipstick Tips

Lipstick can be the finishing touch to a perfectly made up face, and if chosen and applied correctly should be wonderfully flattering. Here’s three essential tips for the preparation and application of lipstick. Tip One: Ensure A Good Base – A lipstick is only going to be as good as the area it is being applied on to, so ensure your lips are as soft and smooth as possible. You can buy expensive lip balms which will help keep your lips soft and smooth, or a simple […]

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